Porcelain Pavers Spacers


  • APPROVED BY THE PROS – Designed to facilitate the installation of large format porcelain pavers and natural stone slabs on sand, gravel and soil base.
  • BIGGER AND STRONG – HEAVY DUTY PLASTIC (BEWARE OF CHEAPER PLASTIC THAT DON’T STABILIZE AND BREAKS EASILY) Zap Porcelain Paver spacer size (6 inches) aid in alignment and maintain a uniform spacing of slabs with single or multi-size patterns.
  • PORCELAIN PAVER SPACER by Zap will expedite the installation process and ensure superior performance and reduced maintenance.
  • EASY TO USE – These Spacers can be broken by hand into either a half-unit or a quarter-unit along the edge of a building or the tile edge.

Pack size

100 Units, 50 Units, 25 Units


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